Our mission is to bolster Belgium’s cyber security resilience by building a strong cyber security ecosystem at national level. We do so by bringing together the skills and expertise of the academic world, the private sector and public authorities on a trust-based platform aimed at fostering information exchange and implementing joint actions.

We focus on four strategic domains:

Experience Sharing

Sharing knowledge, best practices, threats & opportunities.

Operational Collaboration

Peer-to-peer collaboration within a trusted community.

Policies recommendations

Issuing recommendations for more efficient policies and guidelines.

Raising awareness

Campaigns to raise awareness amongst citizens and organizations.


Our mission is raising Cyber Security Capability on a national level by means of our 4 strategic axes, each having its own working group:

Experience Sharing

A trust-based platform to exchange knowledge and information:

  • 4 experience sharing sessions on specific Cyber Security issues like incident management, governance, legal & regulatory aspects
  • Trusted platform for members discussions

Operational Collaboration

Collective actions to fight cyber crime:

  • Members collaboration platform on Cyber Security Incident & response

Policies & Recommendations

Support governmental and sectorial bodies in setting policies and defining ways to implement these policies:

Awareness Raising

Raising awareness on Cyber Security issues by :

  • A national awareness campaign targeted for organization employees and general public
  • A national conference (Belgian Internet Cybersecurity Conference) where keynotes speakers will share their expertise in fighting Cyber crime
  • Employees campaign on specific themes like phishing, passwords,….


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