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Gartner says over 40% of privacy compliance technology will rely on artificial intelligence in the next three years (2019 Gartner Security and Risk Survey) 


Three research experts of the Research Unit KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) – Mrs. Ellen Wauters, Mr. Brahim Bénichou, and Mr. Koen Vranckaert – will introduce the basic notions and concepts of the GDPR in an A.I.-context and supplement them with some useful tips and tricks. They will also briefly discuss the Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy A.I. The development, deployment, and use of A.I. systems should meet these requirements in order to be considered Trustworthy A.I., privacy and data governance being important components.

Join our webinar to find out more about how A.I. is shaping the debate on privacy. 

The invitations will be sent out soon.  We look forward to meeting you again on November 9th.  



Ellen Wauters holds a master’s degree in Political Science (2001) and Law (2010). She has experience in media law, intellectual property and consumer law. Before joining CiTiP, she worked as a legal expert GDPR for the social secretariat for notaries, where she was responsible for GDPR compliance in the notary profession. At CiTiP she will be part of the Centre for Data and Society and also work on the project Spectre, which focuses on smart cities.

Brahim Bénichou is a legal researcher at the Knowledge Centre Data & Society and at the KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP). He is also active as an independent tech lawyer / consultant and co-founder of My Privacy Specialist. He specializes in IT law, data protection law and contract law, with a focus on the challenges posed by new technology.

Koen Vranckaert obtained a Master in Law and a Master in Intellectual Property Law at KU Leuven in respectively 2015 and 2016. Before joining CiTiP in 2020, Koen first spent 3.5 years as a lawyer in Leuven and Brussels, where he focused on corporate law in the broad sense, with a focus on intellectual property and ICT law, in particular GDPR. To this end, Koen passed a DPO Certification Training of the Data Protection Institute in 2018. At CiTiP, Koen researches the interaction between law and artificial intelligence (AI), in particular whether current security legislation is sufficiently adapted to the risks created by AI systems. In this capacity, Koen has already worked on several projects. He is also a member of the Data and Society Knowledge Centre, a collaboration of three research groups (VUB-SMIT, UGent-MICT and KU Leuven CiTiP) that, by order of the Flemish Government, informs the general public about the ethical and legal risks of data-driven applications in general, and artificial intelligence in particular.



Tuesday, 9 November 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

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