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According to Research&Markets, the global drone market will grow from $14 billion last year to over $43 billion in 2024 at a CAGR of 20.5%.

With accelerating technology progression and innovation, drone use cases are evolving rapidly to serve people in their everyday lives.

Drone adoption at scale presents massive opportunities for enterprises as well as urgent challenges for airspace authorities and society at large.

All stakeholders must and can take actions today to embrace and promote the safe, sustainable, and viable integration of drones.

Trust is a major enabler in the further acceptance and growth of the drone ecosystem.

Discover the wonderful ecosystem of drones, and gain insight in how security and privacy challenges can be overcome.

This sharing session brings together more than a dozen experts from industry and government. It will let you gain unique insights in the drone world, how security of the ecosystem can be managed end-to-end, from device over the network to data and information, and what challenges are yet to be overcome. And of course, counterdrone solutions are part of the ecosystem and will be covered.

  • Date: 10 December 2019 (full day event)
  • Location: BluePoint, Boulevard August Reyerslaan 80, 1030 Brussels
  • Organiser: Cyber Security Coalition, AGORIA & BSDI

Please, register before 2 December by sending a message to

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