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In December 2020, the European Commission published a proposal to repeal the current NIS Directive (European Directive on Network and Information Systems) and to replace it with a new Directive: the so-called NIS-2 Directive. The NIS-2 proposal was heralded by Commissioners as a flagship initiative of the concurrently presented European Cybersecurity Strategy.

Since then the text entered the complex corridors of European law-making, and for some it has become obscure whether NIS-2 will still come, to whom it will apply, and what it exactly may oblige.

We thought it is high time to update you on the status of negotiations of NIS-2. We have invited several experts who will address the topic from different perspectives:

Pieter Byttebier (Center for Cybersecurity Belgium) will outline the aspects we already know and don’t know about the upcoming Directive’s final form. By way of a teaser we’ll recommend you reading Pieter’s blogpost.

Koenraad Béroudiaux will address the Directive from a practical audit perspective.

Raluca Stefanuc (European Commission) will give the global picture and explain in which direction Europe wants to move.

Join us on June 15th to discover more about this crucial legislation and how it may impact your organization.



Wednesday, June 15th 2022 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

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