Thursday 20th of Septembre 2018, 09:00 – 18:00


BluePoint Brussels
Bd A. Reyers 80
1030 Bruxelles


Cybersecurity is becoming more important every day. Data breaches are almost a daily occurrence, and the war for talent in cybersecurity is stronger than ever. Industry giant Symantec predicts that by 2019 the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs worldwide will be 1.5 million. No wonder that the word “crisis” appears so often in articles on cybersecurity hiring.
During the next Experience Sharing event of the Cyber Security Coalition we take a look at the Belgian context to get a sense of just how great that demand is and where the talent gap poses the most risk to employers.

We are fortunate to have several academic institutions among our members, which offer accredited information/cybersecurity degree programs to address the shortage but will this be sufficient to fill the expected workforce gap.

In a panel discussion professionals will also debate as to what skills the upcoming workforce should be developing in order to meet the needs of the market. The European Commission, too, is promoting various initiatives with the ambition to tackle the digital skills deficit in Europe. Some corporates will testify on their workforce strategy to win the race to find the much needed cybersecurity professionals who can outpace advanced threats.

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