No cyber security without paying attention to privacy. On this bedrock, the CSC Privacy focus group has convened a series of meetings in 2019, the last one focusing on ‘validation of advice provided by the DPO’ and a ‘data breach severity assessment method’. While the Data Protection Officer provides advice, it remains the responsibility of management and hands-on experts to validate and implement this advice. Several members expounded on how they have all stakeholders cooperate. In addition, the principles of a method for assessing the severity of a data breach were presented. The position of chair of the group was transferred from Sonia Oyserman (Colruyt) to Jan Leonard (Orange).

On the picture: Jennifer Salat (STIB-MIVB) (left) and Delphine Goens (Argenta) (right)

Privacy focus group - 19 November 2019 - Abide by the DPO’s advice; Assess the severity of a breach

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30 November: Computer Security Day: Ada Lovelace

On computer security day we pay tribute to Ada Lovelace, the forgotten mother of the computer. Often described as the first computer programmer — before computers were even invented — Ada was a real visionary. Imagine what she might have achieved had Babbage actually built his “computer” and she hadn’t died at the age of 36.

Privacy Focus Group: AI and Data Protection

The second webinar of the Privacy Focus Group on the subject of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) tackles a major challenge: how to reconcile the use of AI with the demands of GDPR, particularly regarding data protection? It is still very much unknown territory for developers, users and privacy protection officers. This webinar helps you find your way!

API Security

API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) are ubiquitous and used to interconnect all our popular web applications. Without API’s, applications cannot communicate and we would simply not be able to use the majority of the current cloud and web applications. But at the same time, because of these API’s, security threats are greater than ever. API attacks are different compared to traditional attacks: they target vulnerabilities in the business logic, and hackers exploit these zero-day vulnerabilities.

Privacy Focus Group: AI : Basic concepts and regulatory trends

This webinar organized by the Privacy Focus Group in cooperation with KU Leuven helps you gain a much-needed insight in the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It gives an overview of the different types of AI applications and points to the ethical and societal implications of the use of such applications. It is a splendid starting point to delve deeper into the fascinating world of AI.

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