The webinar series organized by the Cyber Security Coalition & Beltug on the occasion of ‘Two years of GDPR’ got off to an exceedingly great start with Matthias Dobbelaere-Welvaert of the Ministry of Privacy. He advocates more involvement of data subjects – the focus of these webinars – not as an additional burden for companies, but to improve the experiences of all stakeholders: customers, partners, employees. First, make it easier for data subjects to understand how to interact with your company regarding privacy rights and requests. He proposes ‘legal design’ as a multidisciplinary approach to improve communication between all parties. Secondly, invite stakeholders to participate in the process of establishing this interaction. And thirdly, keep it simple! He demoed a tool The Ministry of Privacy is developing to help optimizing this interaction. The final part of the presentation covered the challenge of privacy in Covid-19 times, with some clear pointers on pitfalls to avoid!

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