Late November saw the kickoff meeting of a series of workshops on the NIS implementation in the impacted sectors. Chaired by Kurt Callewaert (Howest) and attended by almost 50 people, this meeting focused on the sector of water utilities. Though their sectorial authority had not yet been created and not all companies were not yet designated, an inspiring mix of presentations and round tables indicated a clear path to take. Providers of essential services will focus on the technological and organizational implementation of three standards: ISO 27K1 (for IT systems), ISA 62443 (for Operational Technology/industrial automation) and the relevant NIST standard (for utilities active in the USA). The discussion already covered best practices, the ’NIS journey’ and a NIS related exercise.

On the picture: Augustijn Degrieck (Siemens)
NIS workshop - 26 November 2019 - Operationalizing the NIS Directive in the water distribution industry

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