Reporting Cyber Risks to Boards – Board edition

This paper presents an overview of the recommended approach for Boards when dealing with cyber risk, and of good starting points for Board cyber metrics. It is a complementary paper to the foregoing one addressed to Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) on how to best control, measure and report cyber risks to their Boards and […]

Reporting Cyber Risks to Boards – CISO edition

This paper presents actionable guidance for CISOs to report cyber risk and its context to their senior stakeholders, such as their Board. It describes methods that help CISOs engage in cyber risk management, communicate this effectively, and facilitate proper oversight. It is the outcome of a group of seasoned practitioners sharing their best practices in […]

Be smarter than a hacker!

For the sixth time, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium and the Cyber Security Coalition are launching a cybersecurity awareness campaign. This year, we will focus on the fight against phishing. We want to encourage the Internet user to be smarter than the phishers.

Attention aux fraudes

Beware of investment and credit fraud

Responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) is launching a new awareness campaign. This campaign helps to identify investment and credit fraud as well as the actions to be taken when you are a victim of such a fraud. 

Guide sur les politiques CVDP en Belgique

Policy Guide about CVDPs in Belgium

This guide aims to set out the concepts, objectives, legal issues and good practices related to the adoption of Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Policies (CVDPs) in the current state of legislation in Belgium. 

Protect your online accounts with two-factor authentication

Passwords are a thing of the past

It is essential to use strong passwords, but they can also be stolen in case of data breaches or as a result of a virus. That’s why we strongly advise everyone to make use of two factor authentication or 2FA, an easy solution to double protect your online accounts!

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