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Internet criminals across Europe are seizing the confusion caused by the coronavirus to make their move. Since the coronavirus outbreak, there has been a large increase in the number of cyberattacks, including phishing on companies.

Exceptional BitSight offer for members of the Cyber Security Coalition

To help you protect your business as best as possible, as a member of the Cyber Security Coalition, you can make use of an offer from the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium and BitSight, a company specialized in security ratings of companies. They continuously collect information about vulnerabilities and computer infections from companies worldwide.

The offer includes that 1,000 Belgian companies get the opportunity to have their cyber security level tested by BitSight, free of charge.

More specifically, you access to a portal, where you will find an overview of your main vulnerabilities, risks, infections, etc., based on 25 criteria in the domain of cyber security.

For this analysis, BitSight uses publicly available data and does not perform its own scans on your network (passive = not intrusive). So, you don’t have to provide any data, but only pass on a contact person and one or more of your domain names.

The personalised data about your company can be consulted free of charge via the BitSight portal until 1st of September 2020.

For more information on this offer, click here.

If you wish to participate in this initiative, please inform us as soon as possible at [email protected] .

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