In the webinar Roel Wouters took us back to 2011 when KBC decided to move to O365 in search of a less complex and more performing environment. Hence, KBC was already well prepared for the ‘new way of working’ that has now been generally accepted due to Covid-19. This Cloud migration, which was legally regarded as outsourcing, led to an open and transparent discussion among the National Bank of Belgium, KBC Group and Microsoft. The Compliance programme set up by Microsoft was born from this. After the migration in December 2013, other Cloud initiatives quickly emerged. A Cloud governance was implemented whereby the Cloud Enablement Forum plays a pivotal role. The experts in this mandatory advisory body emanate from various business, risk and IT disciplines and guide each Cloud case from cradle to grave. The Cloud is now clearly embedded in KBC’s strategy: Cloud alternatives have to be explored for each business case and there is a clear trend to use more SaaS & PaaS solutions, also for own (preferably Cloud native) development. The acquired Cloud experience is seen as a critical success factor in order to achieve KBC’s ambition to be a leading innovative, digital financial player.

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