Cyber Security Coalition is a partnership between players from the academic world, public authorities and private sector to join forces against cybercrime.
Cyber Security Coalition

Uniting forces

Today’s sophisticated cyber attacks are coming down hard on companies and consumers because of the increasing collaboration between cyber-crime groups across borders, thereby threatening society and the economic fabric. A nation’s cyber-security defence must be equally effective, with a broad range of players acting together, and without fragmentation of efforts.

The Cyber Security Coalition

The Cyber Security Coalition is a unique partnership between players from the academic world, the public authorities and the private sector to join forces in the fight against cybercrime. Currently more than 50 key players from across these 3 sectors are active members contributing to the Coalition’s mission and objectives.

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Our Mission

The Coalition answers to the urgent need for a cross-sector collaboration :

  • to share knowledge and experience
  • to initiate, organize and coordinate concrete cross-sector initiatives
  • to raise awareness among citizens and organizations
  • to promote the development of expertise
  • and to issue recommendations for more efficient policies and regulations.
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As a member of the Coalition you become part of a cross-sector community which provides a trusted environment for the exchange of non-public expertise and information.

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