Experience Sharing

The Coalition’s Program Committee defines the topics, program and speakers for the Experience Sharing activities. The Committee is comprised of representatives from several member organizations.

Furthermore, the Coalition currently runs 9 focus groups. Each focus group is comprised of domain experts from our member organizations who meet on a regular basis to share their experience, best practices and participate jointly in several projects.

Awareness Raising

Focus on prevention, to support all organizations in becoming cyber aware. Therefore they prepare ready-to-use materials to help raise awareness inside organizations.

Operational Collaboration

Cloud Security

Share information on implementation experiences, internal processes and organization, security management of Cloud operations; join forces in negotiating with Cloud Service Providers.


Share experiences on crypto topics; how crypto is approached by the various member organization.


Exchange of information on the latest threats, challenges and developments between peers in Cyber Security Incident Response.

Enterprise Security Architecture

Share experiences in the field of security architecture development for security service implementation and for governance, risk and compliance support. Focus will be on security by design & business-to-security alignment ensuring both threat protection & business enablement.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Share experiences in 3 challenging GRC aspects to support organizational agility (Digital Transformation, Cloud Usage, Continuous Development, etc.): security processes (security by design, vulnerability management, exception management, etc.) security risk measurement and security policies.

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Policy Recommendations

Cyber Security Act

Exchange relevant information related to the Cybersecurity Act certification. Identification of Belgian priority topics, focus domains, relevant actions within the EU cybersecurity schemes and certification topics.


Share experiences regarding GDPR implementation; seek support from the Data Protection Authority in order to receive advice in implementing GDPR adopting a company friendly approach; set up industry standards and develop a code of conduct.


Focus on implementation of the new Belgian law (currently in draft status) which will transpose the NIS Directive into national legislation.


Our mission is raising Cyber Security Capability on a national level by means of our 4 strategic axes, each having its own working group:

Experience Sharing

A trust-based platform to exchange knowledge and information:

  • 4 experience sharing sessions on specific Cyber Security issues like incident management, governance, legal & regulatory aspects
  • Trusted platform for members discussions

Operational Collaboration

Collective actions to fight cyber crime:

  • Members collaboration platform on Cyber Security Incident & response

Policies & Recommendations

Support governmental and sectorial bodies in setting policies and defining ways to implement these policies:

Awareness Raising

Raising awareness on Cyber Security issues by :

  • A national awareness campaign targeted for organization employees and general public
  • A national conference (Belgian Internet Cybersecurity Conference) where keynotes speakers will share their expertise in fighting Cyber crime
  • Employees campaign on specific themes like phishing, passwords,….


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