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In a third A.I. event, the Privacy Focus Group aims to bring real use cases as a means to stir a dynamic discussion on the privacy and ethical challenges that A.I. poses for our different organizations and for our role as DPO.

We are developing the programme in cooperation with ML2Grow, a high-tech company that accelerates the adoption of A.I. in Flanders in start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises.  Joeri Ruyssinck, CEO at ML2Grow, will present some interesting examples of A.I. applications.

We are also investigating whether other member organizations could bring a valuable contribution. Hence, feel free to contact us at Maybe you have some pressing questions for which you are looking for answers. Let us know!


Joeri Ruyssinck:

During his PhD at Ghent University, Joeri successfully applied machine learning in very diverse settings: solving problems in healthcare, automation, manufacturing, energy and HVAC, engineering and biotechnology. His research has been published in several domain applications and has been patented. Prior to joining ML2Grow, he was co-lecturer at Ghent University and senior technical lead for several national and international machine learning projects at imec.

At ML2Grow, Joeri and his colleagues are convinced A.I. is the new electricity: an omnipresent technology that empowers solutions from the background across verticals. ML2Grow believes this technology should not be exclusive to the bigger tech companies and therefore offers unique novel ways to decrease the adoption barrier and shorten the payback period for companies of all sizes. This approach has resulted in the successful introduction of A.I. across various market verticals for more than 50 companies.



31 March – morning session



Brussels – still to be confirmed

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