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In this third AI meeting organized by the Privacy Focus Group, you will learn how KBC Group articulates trust and applies a governance framework for the responsible use of AI. Maarten Cannaerts and Peter De Coorde will share their practical experiences with introducing the framework, including the lessons learned on change management and business involvement.

We are also pleased to welcome Joeri Ruyssinck, CEO of ML2Grow, as a guest speaker. ML2Grow is a specialist AI provider that has been accelerating AI adoption in Flanders since 2017. Using practical examples, Joeri will demystify the concept of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and show how to reap its benefits without incurring security risks or privacy breaches. He will also provide an overview of all the risks associated with AI in terms of cybersecurity and how best to address them.

We’ll be saving quite some time for exchange of ideas and discussion during the meeting, so bring your approach, ideas, challenges and questions. And there will be plenty of opportunities for networking with your peers!



31 March – morning session following by lunch

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VBO-FEB – Ravensteinstraat 4 – 1000 Brussels

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