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The Goal of the Cyber Security Coalition GRC Focus Group is to share information among participating members in a confidential and trustful way about topics related to Governance, Risk & Compliance.  

  • Membership requires an active participation whereby representative(s) of the member organizations share(s) their best practices related to GRC with an objective of sharing 2 testimonials per plenary meeting.
  • The Focus Group also acts as a Think Tank providing expertise for policy making and offering insights that may contribute to interesting GRC discussions to governments and businesses. 
  • The Focus Group aims to be a stable community of trust where no one is afraid of sharing concerns, practices or other information. 

The provisional agenda is:

  • Testimonials on new regulation into governance  (tbc)

The final agenda will be communicated in due course.



The virtual Teams meeting is scheduled on Thursday, November 25th at 4:00 PM.


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