All EU Data Regulations You Need to Know About!

Organizations processing data need to operate under increasingly strict regulations that now extend even to artificial intelligence (AI) systems. More and more, regulations emphasize the importance of data quality, data governance and and open data and require adequate reporting to get an accurate picture of the risks inherent to data collection. 

Mrs. Laurence Van Meerhaeghe, Legal Counsel at Febelfin, will provide you with an overview of key data EU regulations – both existing and emerging – applicable to Belgian organizations. The webinar will be in French and Dutch.  

So, let’s take a dive into the current state of data regulations in the EU and learn from Laurence how they impact your job as a Data Protection Officer or Privacy Specialist. 

The webinar, which will be in French & Dutch, is also open to members of DPO Circle, DPO Pro and IBJ-IJE.  

We hope you will join us !



The (free) webinar is scheduled on Tuesday, 18 October from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM


You can register through this link.

More information? 

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