Isabelle Marchand & Patrick Wynant


Phishing: 67,000 fraudulent transfers, 34 million euros!  As a member of the Cyber Security Coalition, financial sector federation Febelfin focuses on many more aspects of cyber security than just the security of financial systems. To this end, Febelfin counts on the cooperation of a large and diverse community of partners.  What challenges does Febelfin see for its members and the general public in the field of cyber […]

Thomas Declerck

Allen & Overy (Belgium) LLP

International law firm Allen & Overy offers extensive insights in cyber security, as it sits at the cross road of many areas of expertise and operates in over 30 countries around the world.  Based in Allen & Overy’s Brussels office, Thomas Declerck deals with both the preventive and incident response aspects of cyber security, with a specific focus on investigating and litigating cybercrime. 

Séverine De Potter

Séverine De Potter

Belgium’s Federal Public Service (FPS) of Foreign Affairs

Cyber diplomacy comes into its own in a world with increasingly severe cross-border state sponsored – as well as criminal - cyberattacks. At Belgium’s Federal Public Service (FPS) of Foreign Affairs, Séverine De Potter focuses on this new extension of the age old art of diplomatic response to skirmishes.

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