Cybersecurity, a major stakeholder in your business continuity​ – 5 October 2020

Cybersecurity has become a critical success factor in all parts of our business fabric, and a factor to be taken into account in both business as usual and certainly in all digital transformation projects. Therefore, a good philosophy and plan of approach for Cybersecurity deserves a special place in every company.

In this session, experts in interactive formats explain a number of important aspects and insights that are relevant to any business operation. We will discuss models and plans of approach to increase your cyber security and better protect your crown jewels, we will learn from live cases of companies that have unfortunately fallen prey to cybercrime, we will share information about the possibilities of insurance in the domain and, last but not least, we will share the results of a recent survey in Belgium into how cyber security lives in production environments.

This session is realized in cooperation with Agoria. It is a real blended learning experience, including a live debate and opportunity for questioning and networking. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase their cybersecurity and also sees cybersecurity as a business enabler of growing importance. Companies from all sectors and governments, large and small, are welcome.

The Coalition members are also invited to join the other tracks (at no charge) organized by Agoria in this Digital Connect Week, which takes place from October 1st to 7th.  You can subscribe through this link.


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