For the sixth time, the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium and the Cyber Security Coalition are launching a cybersecurity awareness campaign. This year, we will focus on the fight against phishing. We want to encourage the Internet user to be smarter than the phishers.

Be smarter than a hacker!

Although most internet users are aware that they should not trust every message, more and more phishing messages are so deceptive and true to life that many people fall for them anyway. Phishing remains a major problem for individuals, businesses, organisations and governments alike. That is why we want to increase everyone’s vigilance. Together we can be smarter than they are. Internet users learn to recognise suspicious messages, are made aware not to open them and forward them to [email protected]. The CCB blocks suspicious links. But we go even further! During this campaign, we are launching the Safeonweb application: an app that allows you to stay informed quickly and easily.

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