Fraud and scams in the banking sector

There is plenty of fish in the sea

In 2020, fraud attempts and phishing cases skyrocketed. While we were dealing with the pandemic, criminal gangs tried to capitalize on it by adapting their fraud practices accordingly.

Also in 2021, the fight against fraud and scams will remain one of the top priorities of the banking sector. Febelfin wants to raise the awareness of the Belgian population and therefore developed an information brochure filled with interesting figures and facts about phishing.

Continuous awareness-raising appears to be very necessary: 12% of the population and even 30% of youngsters have never heard of phishing. Extremely worrying! We also explain how exactly the banking sector is combating phishing, and why a large fishing net is necessary.


Herewith the link to the brochure in Dutch.

Herewith the link to the brochure in French.

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