No cyber security without paying attention to privacy. On this bedrock, the CSC Privacy focus group has convened a series of meetings in 2019, the last one focusing on ‘validation of advice provided by the DPO’ and a ‘data breach severity assessment method’. While the Data Protection Officer provides advice, it remains the responsibility of management and hands-on experts to validate and implement this advice. Several members expounded on how they have all stakeholders cooperate. In addition, the principles of a method for assessing the severity of a data breach were presented. The position of chair of the group was transferred from Sonia Oyserman (Colruyt) to Jan Leonard (Orange).

On the picture: Jennifer Salat (STIB-MIVB) (left) and Delphine Goens (Argenta) (right)

Privacy focus group - 19 November 2019 - Abide by the DPO’s advice; Assess the severity of a breach

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