Relax ! And think twice before clicking on a link

The fight against suspicious messages has not yet been fought! During the European Cyber Security Awareness Month in October 2019, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) and the Cyber Security Coalition called for vigilance towards phishing and to report suspicious messages via [email protected]. As a result, the CCB received last year no less than 1,700,000 suspicious e-mails, who led to 4,000 false websites being blocked.

Given the high increase in fraudulent messages concerning the corona virus and the increase in the number of suspicious messages by SMS, we are repeating the national awareness-raising campaign on Phishing to re-sensitize the Belgian population.

That’s why we want to warn internet users to watch out for scams related to COVID-19 (Corona virus), such as:

  • offers for face masks, alcohol gels, disinfectants, …
  • messages containing links to fake news sites
  • donations to fraudulent charities or causes.

Think twice before clicking on a link

Please remain vigilant to messages related to the Corona virus and think twice before clicking on a link!

  • By clicking on suspicious links, you can download viruses without knowing it.
  • When revealing your bank card details on a fake website, your account will be looted
  • The products you have bought on fake websites will not be delivered, instead fake fundraisers will steal your money.

Cyber criminals also spread viruses and ransomware hidden behind COVID-19 messages and applications. More detailed information can be found on in French and Dutch.

Now that many people are teleworking, there is an increased risk of getting phished.
You will find some useful tips on how to telework safely in the following video in Dutch and French

Promo video

Video in French


Video in Dutch

Press release

You can download here the press release : in French and Dutch.

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