New tools to bolster your company’s cyber security resilience

New and updated tools to bolster your company/organization’s cyber security resilience. Try the new Kahoot! on Safe Homeworking.

All existing tools on the Cyber Security Coalition-website have been updated and new items have been introduced to accompany your security awareness programmes.

  • The 4 existing modules in the Cyber Security Kit on passwords, phishing, social engineering & GDPR.  Each theme includes a short PowerPoint with a test and a screensaver/poster for your internal campaigns.
  • NEW module on Safe Homeworking in the Cyber Security Kit :  very topical.
  • A Kahoot! game on Safe Homeworking : to be played in small teams. With this game you bring this security theme in a very accessible way to your organization.  Give us your feedback via the new evaluation form we have introduced.
  • The SME Security Scan has been reviewed : you answer a short questionnaire and you get a personalised portrait and advice for your organization’s security programme.
  • The Cyber Security Basics for Starting Organizations/Companies, too, have been updated.

All our tools

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