Security Forum 2019 - Cybersécurité : l’urgence est de mise

The Cyber Security Coalition is a partner of Security Forum 2019 which will be held at Château Bayard on October 24th and will teach evolutions concerning the necessary actions and means to be implemtented in order to safeguard online security.

Cyber-security: the urgency

The numbers are evocative. Cybercrime costs about $ 600 billion a year, compared with $ 445 billion in 2014. The average cost of a security breach is estimated at $ 4.27 million, which can force an SME to close down. Similarly, according to the firm Marketsandmarkets, the market for anti-malware software has increased from $ 48 billion in 2015 to more than $ 119 billion in 2022. Finally, the association of Belgian banks Febelfin identified in 2018 no less than 9,747 cases of phishing, three times more than the previous year.

As we can see, attacks against information systems are constantly increasing and taking ever more varied and sophisticated forms. There are several reasons for this trend. First, the increasingly frequent use of the cloud that multiplies the points of vulnerability of the company’s data. Then, the proliferation of security solutions and the difficulty of reconciling the different approaches to security as well as the ever-increasing professionalism of cybercriminals. In addition, new technologies such as containers and the Internet of Things (IoT) raise the bar in safety. Finally, some talk of a shortage of IT security professionals, even though automation, managed services, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in particular can provide a solution.

Fortunately, new developments could enable organizations to better fight against cybercrime, be it cloud-based security (the so-called ‘native cloud security’), ‘endpoints’ protection solutions, web application firewalls (WAF) or the deployment of a zero-trust strategy.

These are technological evolutions that it is important to understand and then deploy in the organization in order to effectively fight against piracy, data theft, or the diversion of the processing capacity for malicious purposes. This in mind, following the great success of Security Forum 2017 and DPO Forum 2018, the event organizer Mark-Com Event will propose on October 24, 2019, the fair Security Forum which focus primarily on cybersecurity. The visitor will be able to follow an exciting day of conferences based on presentations about data protection, cybersecurity, new general data protection regulation (GDPR), as well as the issues of the security of an environment always more digital and connected.

This event aims to provide Francophone business leaders with a practical answer to their concerns by presenting them with the latest technological developments in this field as well as by allowing them to meet the players who can support them in their approach.

François Vajda, managing director of Mark-com Event and organizer of the event: « Users want to learn about the latest developments, technological developments and the market offer in terms of security. The focus of this Security Forum is above all on the practical dimension of security and the pragmatic field approach. Visitors will be able to meet the main suppliers and exchange their concrete experiences with them and other colleagues. And, who knows, make new business contacts and engage in new business relationships. »

Practical informations

Security Forum 2019 is a professional event for B2B, professional users and decision- makers from public and private sectors.

October 24, 2019

Château Bayard in Dhuy (Namur)

Opening hours
From 8.30 am to 4 pm

Free access through invitation

The complete program of the day is available at the website

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